Friday, 15 September 2017

Science - past two weeks

In the past couple of weeks we have done some work around star systems and the skeletal system. We have had fun exploring the two kits and trying out the different experiments.

Maths Hub

In the Pukeko Hub we are making use of some of our older devices to use Maths Hub during Collaboration time. When students are not working with the teacher they are able to take ownership for their learning by using Maths Hub to learn, practise, and prove their understanding of different maths strategies and knowledge. The students are learning how to use the program effectively to help them achieve their goals and next steps.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Room 1 Calendar Art

Here is the calendar art that has been completed so far. Students chose what they wanted to do. Several have linked in their art to our focus on systems this term which has involved space systems.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Super Wingsuit writing - Moment in time

Students in Room 1 needed to imagine they were in a wingsuit and 'describe their journey across Upper Hutt from take off to landing'.

The writing needed to be in present tense as if it was happening as they wrote it.

Here is some of our great writing.

My flying adventure with my wing suit I'm getting a lift to the top of mount-Everest. I've been waiting for a long time now. Wait we're here now as I am waiting I nearly fall asleep. I'm going with Sophie , Brooke , Elle and Olivia . I jump off with tingling going through my body saying " what did I do". I feel like a snow man losing his snow parts. I'm so close to the ground in nearly forgot to grab my wings. Phew I made it." Wow! This is more fun then a imagined . I can see mountains,cliffs,rushing rivers pursuing the rocks. I am in the clouds and it's hard to see through. Now I'm at Upper Hutt I can see people that look like tiny ants. I can also see houses. Now I know we're to land I'm going to land at my schools field. I can touch Upper Hutts tallest building. I go back to my schools field I rushing down like a canon ball I finally land "yay I made it!" I yell

By Kylaa

Flying In A Wingsuit I'm taking off of cannon point! this is awesome! I feel nervous and excited at the same time! i feel like I'm super man flying across my city. Its like I'm skiing but my legs are in the air. I can see Upper Hut below me oh there's Maidstone Max! Whoa is that my house? It is! Its like I'm a....Giant! Trentham School looks tiny from here. The wind is blowing across my face. I'm going higher AHH!! I nearly crashed into a plane! I'm going to land now, am I in my backyard maybe.....okay I am! Whoa I landed on the trampoline landing in my backyard was scary! I'm relived I'm on the ground now. I'm going inside for some tea.

By Brooke

Flying When I am flying I feel like I am super man! I am up on a mountain when i jump i can see cars on the road then i go further i can see shops like McDonalds , Subway and sushi shops and while i am really high it looks like the shop is a toy. I see people going in it looks like ant playing in the toy house. But I go to the fields it just looks like a very big blob of green. i can glide across the river I can see fish like skimming stones. Now i go back i see midget animals like an ant.(#antsaresmall) some are colourful ants(its a cow!) But i come closer it's a cow! Now I see my friends Ace , Seamus ,Jason , Kaleb , Liam , Lucas and Te Omeka. They watch me as i fly, they faint in amazement while they are playing basketball, Lucas watches as I fall into the pile of Liam , Te Omeka , Kaleb Jason , Seamus and Ace. A nice squishy landing.

By Marcus