Sunday, 8 April 2018


We are so proud of our triathletes, who put in their very best effort on Friday to scoot, run and swim to the finish line. Everyone was so excited on the day and they all felt a great sense of accomplishment after their races. Great to see how many of our students kept trying and showed resilience both during and after the triathlon. Thanks to those students who shared their scooters so that others could compete.







Teamwork in PE

In Room 3 we had to work as a team if we wanted to move our 'Toxic Waste across the court without dropping it.

Dojo reward

Go Room 3! We have got to the 1000 point mark and our reward was to make cookies. Here are a few of our easter-inspired cookies:


Monday, 12 March 2018

How many kids?

We are learning about area and we measured how many students we could get into a painted rectangle in the junior area.


This Term in Pukeko Hub we are collaborating with others at lunchtime as well as in school time. The wet weather kept us inside a couple of days so we worked together with the train set.

Recounts of our Reading

This week we were writing a recount of our reading in Rooms 2 and 3.  Our aim in Room 3 was to try to include the simile 'As fast as the wind' or to write our own simile or metaphor. This is Jack R's writing.  🌝

Koro sent me to bed at 8:30. Tomorrow was a big race. last year I came third but this year I hoped to come first. In the picture on the bedroom wall was someone running down on the floor of a dark forest. I woke up with a bad head.

The next morning I packed my bag and went out to school. When it was race time we lined up at the start line.
"3, 2, 1, Go! The race was intense. I gained speed but my enemy Mike was the Flash. But I didn't forget a dream last night when I heard, "Run like the wind!" so I did. I ran so fast I passed everybody and I won the race by coming first place. Koro Said, "Go, go, go".

When we got home, Koro told me a story.
"When I was your age I was as fast as you, kiddo".

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Week 3 Trip

We had a great time at Percy's Scenic Reserve on Tuesday. We looked at the way that the Percys and then the Hutt City Council have transformed the area to make it better for people to use. We saw man-made features such as the beautiful carved silver ferns on the fence and built-in stone benches and wall. We noticed that different pathway edging has been used throughout the reserve. We also saw the natural features such as the lovely waterfall and the surrounding bush. There was a great weta cave that had been a natural feature but had been made a little bigger so people could fit in to it. We all filed down into the cave and then someone turned on their phone light and we saw moving wetas all around us.  There were a lot of screams as we ran from the cave!

Thanks to all of our parent helpers.