Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Athletics Day

Today we had our Athletics Day.  We had great fun competing in activities such as long jump and high jump, quoits (using a discus throw) and torpedo throwing (javelin).  In the afternoon we watched the finals of the sprints across the year groups and we all cheered when the top senior sprinters beat the teachers.  It was a close race but the students came through at the end.

Whanau Time

In Whanau time this term we are exploring the value of consideration and in our team building group we are showing how we can be considerate.  Here we are working together to make a paper run for a marble to roll down into a bucket.  

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Water safety

Our big idea for Health and PE this term is how can we survive in and around water?

We have done some work on identify hazards in different places where water is, e.g. rivers, beaches, lakes, pools etc

Today we were looking at different ways we can stay afloat to survive, we practised starfish & mushroom floats along with learning to scull to save energy over a long time.

We are also continuing to practise our swimming strokes as well.